Aims & Objectives

GSA supports environment of integrated Cooperation and intertwined interests among states, regions and beyond. To achieve global peace, prosperity and harmony, hence its imperative to address the vital areas of good governance, socio-economic development, de-radicalization, terrorism, conflict resolutions, reduction of conventional and mass destruction arms, interfaith harmony vis-à-vis harmonization of national interests. GSA helps governments and its institutions for visionary policy formulation along with suggestions for required adjustments.

Having members from diverse nationalities and languages, GSA not only has an edge on highest ability of strategic communication, it also encompasses a profound understanding of different countries and regions to move forward for achieving collective peace, prosperity, security and harmony. Together we share a deep understanding of key challenges confronting sustainable development globally in the sphere of socio-politico, economical and security parameters.

Our dedicated panels analyze on-going National, Regional and Global policies and their effects and repercussions on socio-politico-economic environment. We explore and strengthen bilateral corporation between the countries, regions and beyond.

GSA believes in a cohesive strategic approach of global and regional, financial and political institutions, for their pivotal role to create an interconnected global environment. Our specialist and experts deals with individuals, corporate institutions and governments through our dedicated divisions for delivering integrated and holistic advices, services and solutions to accelerate growth and development in all spheres of state crafting, which eventually rationalizes the security paradigm.

Hence GSA provides policy recommendations and implementable solutions to attain Global Peace, Prosperity, Security and Harmony. Inside Pakistan alongside working on ending extremism and addressing general socio-economic-political issues GSA is also focusing on such issues that relate to population growth, utility of services of 62% of our population that is young, gender gender discrimination and women empowerment, availability of medical support and clean drinking water to all and employment opportunities.

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