Think Tank

GLOBAL SECURITY ADVISORS, is a non partisan think-tank that undertakes research on geo-politics, security, peace building, interstate, regional and global harmony for sustainable socio-economic development. GSA explores potential policy options by analyzing existing trends and emerging scenarios. It identifies opportunities and areas of common interests for futuristic cooperation between Pakistan and the rest of the world.

GSA produce research based reports on the ongoing socio-politico-economic policies for better governance, international relations, strategic affairs, de-radicalization and security paradigm. GSA is determined to help to achieve core objectives of the State of Pakistan, which are, development and cooperation among regional countries and beyond, along with protecting the national interests.

GSA is a helping entity for the government and its institutions for visionary policy formulation along with suggesting the remedial measures for required adjustments in the existing and emerging scenarios. Our dedicated experts provide guidance on perception management since media’s role to cover national, regional and global issues vis-à-vis peace and harmony is vital.

GSA researchers vigorously evaluate the emerging strategic and political trends, which effect on national and global relations, to provide guidance to the decision makers for dignified survival in this complex global age. GSA believes that rational adjustment in policies and adoption of world trends are the key to exist as a sovereign country among the league of nations.


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