Kulbhushan Jadhav: The true face of India

By Senator A Rehman Malik
Former Federal Interior Minister

Originally Published By The News

Today, I have been forced to pen down an article with my personal views based on historical and present facts. I am worried that the way Pakistan is being pushed into isolation which can prove harmful to the country.

In the most recent developments around the world, Pakistan has continuously been ignored at international fora despite its rigorous efforts in tackling terrorism. To my disappointment, Donald Trump’s speech in Saudi Arabia is a clear evidence to how Pakistan has been continuously disregarded despite being tragically hit by uncountable hostile terror activities time and again.

I think that the international community has failed to play its role in harmonising each one of us and so have we, not being able to maintain cordial relations with many countries which used to be friends of Pakistan.

Once again, Pakistan was cornered by the International Court of Justice (ICJ) – one of the so-called unbiased international fora. It is a shame that these custodians of justice misuse their authority to favour a vicious and ruthless country. And despite being unable, or perhaps unwilling, to provide an explanation for Jadhav’s dual passport identities and actions which were the most obvious indication of covert and illegal activities, India took the case to the ICJ.

I believe that the stay granted by the ICJ is tantamount to overstepping its limits. It is very worrisome for me as I see it as a strategized effort by some anti-Pakistan groups to undermine the country.

We all are well aware that Kulbhushan Jadhav, a RAW agent who was arrested red-handed by Pakistani law enforcement agencies from the Saravan border area of Balochistan in March last year, had a clear intention of creating terror and unrest in Pakistan.

The world is well aware of the tactics used by India and yet it seems as though international community deliberately looks the other way when it suits them best. Playing the victim card and accusing other entities and states, especially Pakistan with a litany of lies/false accusations has been a distasteful strategy of India for years.

History bears witness that India has on countless occasions tried to isolate Pakistan under false pretence of harbouring terrorism in the region. However, it is India which functions with a violent and extremist mindset, whether it is the Samjhota Express incident, the Gujrat massacre, oppression of Sikh community or above all the inhuman and barbaric practices in Jammu and Kashmir.

Moreover, its recent hue and cry at the ICJ reflects the same malicious intentions.

I am putting forward this question to my readers: Can an individual, who has himself admitted his involvement in multiple spying activities during his positioning in Pakistan, be set free or not punished for his horrendous and sickening crimes, not just against the state but also against the innocent people of Pakistan?

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