Pakistan speaks: My tragedies and hopes

By Senator A Rehman Malik
Former Federal Interior Minister

Originally Published By The Nations

I am facing more and more tragedies since my birth in 1947 as compared to my fellow countries in the region, and I am going through endless struggles and sacrificing my people for my survival. I decided to prepare a balance sheet of my sufferings achievements and I am worried to see as my sufferings are more than the achievements. I am forced to think why am I still a victim of terrorism? Why I have been isolated in the world and why am I under heavy international borrowing? Why I have failed to give speedy justice and why are the poor in my country getting poorer every day? Why I failed to explore my minerals/natural wealth and who is stopping my prosperity and good governance? My story of my suffering is long and painful.

The journey of my sufferings began with my birth when I witnessed mass murders and migrations full of miseries. Many were forced to leave their homes but those homeless were happy that they have now a bigger home and would live together as a bigger Muslim family.

I saw their faces full of hope and full of determination under the head of my family Quaid-e-Azam, who had given them new hope of life. I still see disappointment on their faces.

The first national level injustice was done to me when the major part of my Kashmir was declared a disputed territory. It all happened on 26th October 1947 when a minority ruler Raja Hari Singh of Kashmir by design signed an agreement with India and accordingly handed it over to India.

I am witnessing gross violation of human rights, the torturing and murdering the innocent Kashmiris, in order to deprive them from their right and it is the right of self-determination which was given by the UNO itself. Does the world have any justification not to raise its voice against these sufferings?

In 1948, on 11th September, I lost my founder Quaid E Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah, giving me a big setback and I became an orphan. In a tragic way, even working ambulances could not beprovide to Quaid to ease his journey and his death still marks many questions.

Just after 3 years another tragedy that I went through was on 16th October 1951, when my first Prime Minister Liaqat Ali Khan was assassinated. His murder is still stands unresolved. Iskander Mirza was the first one who imposed the first ever Martial law in 1958, followed by Martial Law by General Ayub Khan. Despite him giving air bases to USA against the Soviet Union but yet his masters could not save him falling from grace and India took advantage and imposed war in 1965 which my nation fought till the victory.

I was once again put under Martial Law imposed by General Yahya Khan in 1969. So the basic rights of my inhabitants were smashed again and again.

India which was looking for an opportunity to break Pakistan and India under Indira Gandhi financed and supported Mukti bani and managed to implement its long drawn anti-Pakistan agenda in 1971 by cutting my one arm East Pakistan. Did we ever make honest assessment as to why my Bengali family went into the hands of Indians? Where did we fail?

The Indian PM Narendra Modi felt no shame in confessing this war crime of breaking a sovereign state rather he took pride for breaking Pakistan. India is responsible to have killed my 500,000 innocent people yet no remorse and shame on its face.

ZAB was a proud son of my soil who gave me hope and brought back 90,000 troops from India including General Niazi and subsequently managed the world Muslim conference and set the road map for a nuclear program despite opposition by world powers and their dangerous threats of exemplary consequences.

The irony is that despite this commendable achievement, and endless hard work, Bhutto was yet another victim of a military coup on 5th July, 1977. Zulfikar Ali Bhutto was arrested on the false charges of murder case and was executed on April 4, despite a controversial trial and protest.

On 4th April 1979 after two years of imprisonment, the great leader of Muslim Ummah and the architect of nuclear and powerful Pakistan Bhutto was hanged to death in a merciless way at the behest of powers who didn’t want a powerful Pakistan.

I witnessed the confession of the Supreme Court judges repenting for this judicial murder of a leader who gave pride to the nation. I was expected to grow stronger with his vision but my hopes died with his judicial murder?

The suffering did not end here. Soon after the Soviet entered Afghanistan in 1979, USA made Pakistan a tool to fuel and created Afghan Mujahedeen. It was General Zia who sold me to the USA on one dark night. Gen Zia exploited Islam for his masters who used him to fulfil the geo-political designs of the CIA in the region. He met the fate like all who work for their masters and perhaps the revenge of nature for what he did to ZA Bhutto.

Benazir Bhutto with her struggle became my first Muslim woman PM who suffered heavily first at the hands of dictator Zia and then by PM Sharif’s regime, and she fought like a brave leader. She was killed on 27th December 2007 as a part of local and international conspiracy. Unfortunately the complete case is still pending for many years and her soul and nation is waiting for the judgment.

Why delay; if the military court can convict a criminal in weeks then why not the murderers of Benazir Bhutto?

I again badly suffered soon after 9/11 because of some unwise decisions made by Dictator General Pervez Musharraf who had pledged his support to the US in Afghanistan.

He replicated exactly the same blunder which was made by General Zia ul Haq. His actions created the Taliban and Al Qaeda, and the actions of Gen Musharraf created the TTP.

This war has cost me billions of dollars and thousands of innocent deaths, and yet I am not treated as a victim of this so called War-on-Terror.

The anti-Islamic, unlawful and inhuman practices of attacking, kidnapping and beheadings is being done by Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP), Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ), Sipah-e-Sahaba and now Daesh, resulted in more than 21,000 terror attacks killing more than 620,000 people. These terrorist organisations have carried out hundreds of deadly attacks on my soil including most unfortunate attack on Army Public School in December 2014 which killed 141 innocent people and out of which 132 were innocent children.

Will I ever know who attacked on Malala Yousafzai and real purpose of the attack on her and who really did it? Will the truth about this attack see light of the day from Eshan Ullah Eshan? After all she is a daughter of this soil and many Malala-like daughters have fallen victims are also looking for justice. Is it not a tragedy that our brave daughter is now being looked after by another country in self-exile? Will she ever come back to Pakistan shunning her fears? Yes, only perhaps if we find the truth as to why was she selected as “the target” and who did it?

Despite Pakistan being host to more than 1.2 million Afghans, this unthankful Afghanistan still continues supporting terrorism in Pakistan and plays into the hands of my cunning enemy India.

The death of more than 70 thousands Pakistanis and the financial bleeding of more than $123 billion reflect the price paid by me and my people for indulging in the war against terror. It has also dismantled the economic growth and trading activities. The delays in production process have caused slower trade.

Despite sacrifices of my people we are still isolated by international community, and especially by some Muslim countries which is yet another tragedy for me as this was not what we deserved? Most recently during the Saudi summit in May 2017, Pakistan’s efforts on fighting against terrorism/ sacrifices were completely ignored.

The people of Pakistan, have great patience and determination and they do not want to lose hope for a bright future despite enduring intense, violence, terror, injustice and political instability in the past 70 years. The emotional strength of a Pakistani is unmatchable. It is the people who stood against the dictators and had let the stream of democracy flow and I sincerely hope that the future holds more promising prospects.

I hope that with sincere diplomatic efforts in the utmost national interest, we will be able to compel the internationally community to give us our fair share of recognition for our efforts to ensure peace in the region. I, whose creation was no less than a miracle, I rose against all odds.

The above balance sheet of my sufferings and sorrow shows that we as a nation have become hostages to the IMF and World Bank and we have already mortgaged our country.

Let us make our sufferings and tragedies our opportunities and let our leaders rise above their personal gains. My father Quaid-e-Azam MuhammedAli Jinnah said, “If we stand together, there is no power in the world that can undo Pakistan.”

The answer is to end political polarisation and make Pakistan corruption and terrorism free.

Let us work for Pakistan following the principles of Unity, Faith and Discipline.

May God bless my Pakistan – Ameen.

The writer is a PPP Senator, former Interior Minister of Pakistan, and Chairman of think tank “Global Eye” and Senate Body

on Interior and Narcotics.


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